New Years Resolution: 1080p

God bless next gen gaming.

I totally get that there will be unforeseen issues with stuff. I understand that with technology, it’s not as simple as hitting a single button that gives everyone everything instantly with absolutely no hiccups.

But on the subject of instant gratification… 343i could have done a lot more to make sure that the Limited Edition holders got their content that they payed for in advance. Gamestop, and Microsoft wanted our money before the game even came out. So how’s that for instant gratification? 

The point is, I’ve got no problem waiting a few hours for something. Being an Xbox 360 owner, I learned a long time ago that a release date does not mean that anything is available right at midnight the second that day begins. I’m used to this kind of stuff, but that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to be a little bit miffed about it. The Limited Edition was actually pretty lack-luster, and the only real reason I got it was for the map pass. So I am a little butthurt that I’m not able to receive content I’ve already payed money for. But I’ve got work today and I have real life issues that need to be attended to, so luckily I won’t have the chance to sit here on the internet and bitch about it for hours and hours like the rest of the community. 

Go outside guys. Take a walk. Bake a cake! Play some campaign, or forge or do something constructive instead of just sitting online flipping your shit over a system that you don’t even understand the inner workings of. 

And most importantly. Just shut the fuck up.